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A highly palatable equine feed supplement designed by vets using the latest scientific research to promote muscle mass and regeneration.
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MUSCLE & PERFORMANCE contains a unique blend of 21 amino acids along with minerals, vitamins and trace elements and is GUARANTEED to contain high levels of the NINE ESSENTIAL amino acids necessary to support muscle formation.

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5 reviews for Muscle & Performance

  1. J Kelly

    I have an old TB gelding that struggles to maintain condition especially now he is retired. This product has really helped him through the winter months. He was fed on as much hay as he wanted and then this product in a scoop of Hifi (as I was told that was all he would need) and it worked! After years of feeding him 4 times a day on scoops of conditioning foods/mixes/trying anything and everything, this is all he has twice a day. Cannot recommend it enough.

  2. B Payne

    Muscle and Performance is a fantastic product. All of our show horse team benefit from the product and look so well, maintaining condition throughout the season. It also works really well on our novice horses helping the develop muscle in all the right places. I love it and always have it in our feed room

  3. J Kilgour

    Really impressed with Muscle and Performance, I have been using it on 2 very different horses for very different reasons – 1 for a large dressage horse to help him with development and recovery post exercise and on my other following surgery to assist with the muscle tone, repair and rehab. I am amazed at the results on both they are blooming and in both cases I can definitely see and feel the difference in their muscle tone and definition, stamina and recovery post work. Highly recommend

  4. Hannah Everitt

    Muffin was diagnosed with caecal ileus with secondary impaction and was very lucky to survive. Muffin was hospitalised and put in intensive care. He was not allowed to eat therefore lost a lot of muscle and condition. This meant his body condition score was poor.

    I started noticing a huge difference in Muffin just a couple of weeks after using Muscle and Performance. I have brought him back into work and we have enjoyed taking part in a dressage camp and some long distance rides.

    He is no longer able to eat hay as this may lead to another impaction and so his diet consists of Muscle and Performance in Fast Fibre and grazing only. He now weighs in at 355kg and has a perfect body condition score of 3.25!

    He looks like a different pony since he had his impaction colic and is in such good condition now. Thank you!

  5. Hollie Cartwright

    Muscle and performance, well the results do the talking. Fantastic product for helping build top line and muscle without blowing their brain. All my horses are so much stronger than before and look incredible. I use the product on horses ranging from youngsters right the way up to my 24year old and it really does help keep them in tip top condition. only wish I’d of heard about it before last year! Always recommending the product to my clients

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